Pizza Lovers, Check out this new hot pizza vending machine

Will you try Pizzametry’s new vending machine? Well, the new Salvatore Pizza Now is the hottest new food automat.

Let me tell you a fact. The words Pizzametry can be pronounced in two ways. Pizza-met-ry like geometry and Pizza-me-try like a six year old excited to eat a cookie.

vending machine-pizza-eat

This machine makes a hot pizza within three minutes. Frozen dough is cut into small pieces and baked at 700 degrees. We can top it off with cheese with no sauce, cheese with sauce, and pepperoni pizza.

You can get these medium sized pizzas from five to six dollars. Each machine can make about 150 pizzas each day, and good for high rush places like the airport. This machine takes credit cards and also online payment from PayPal.

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