Cheesy Love: Is cheese healthy for you?

Who doesn’t love cheese? Its best part of a pizza. It’s the slice of heaven in a burger. Who can forget the all-time childhood favorite Mac and Cheese?

As the popularity of cheese increases, a question arises. Is cheese really healthy for you or not? Many fear it to be a source of fat. They fear it is unhealthy. So let’s see what nutritionists and dieticians have to say about it.

Eating cheese can be consistent with good health, and a tasty way to boost your protein, calcium and vitamin B12 intake. – Clare Collins, Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics


Also, a minimum of only 40 grams of cheese take per day should be considered. In with the myth that it’s not good for heart patients, let’s see the fact.

There are no studies showing cheese consumption is associated with heart disease. Although industrial trans-fat increases the risk of heart disease, the natural trans-fat contained in cheese does not. – Yutang Wang, Senior Lecturer

Next time you’re in a supermarket, going through which type of brie or ricotta to choose from. Calcium, sodium, and trans fat are the important factors to check. Buy ones with high calcium and low on sodium and fat.

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