The Pope just shared a great message about food, here’s what he said

Food waste has become a major concern all over the world and even the pope. While loads of grub are being wasted, others are starving. The beautiful Vatican city is home to the Pope Francis.

On Sunday, he addressed the people gathered on the St. Peter’s Square. He told them that one should examine their conscience about leftovers. You can either reuse leftovers or donate them to people in need of food.

 “I’m thinking of people who are hungry and how many leftovers we throw away.”


Of course popular dishes like pizza was invented to make good use of leftovers. Our grandparents often have many recipes that make leftovers worth eating. This is exactly what the pope had recommended, to make use of the elderly wisdom.

He even advises on what to do after large dinners or lunches such as a wedding or birthday party.

 “Cook them up again or donate them to whoever can eat them, who’s in need.”

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