How is Ultra-processed food affecting us?

Is there any link between our health and the ultra-processed food? About half the food item we buy are processed food. From a slice of cheese to cold meat cuts, they are all processed.

First, we need to know that there’s a difference between minimal processed and largely processed food. When food is extremely processed, they are mostly constituted with ingredients not found in our kitchens. They maybe preservatives, artificial coloring, emulsifier or even flavor enhancers.


But a fish eaten whole is much healthier than the processed crab cakes or finger chips. Is it because people who eat them have a lifestyle with no exercise? Or is it because they just normally would contain more fat and sugar? Anyways, people link it with obesity. But there is no proven research that says so.

But another frequent question is; does it change our intestinal bacteria? While doing a research on animals, it was seen that processed good does create inflammation just like the inflammation in obese people. This is just a theory and in no way proven yet.

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