Why you should avoid these common cooking mistakes

Have you ever questioned your cooking? What is it that you’re doing wrong? Well, most often we can make small mistakes that can, in turn, change the whole dish.


A simple ingredient can change how the food tastes. So a simple cooking mistake can change how your dish will turn out. Here are some cooking techniques you need to be aware of.

  1. Adding too much salt: Sometimes we add more salt for more flavour but it will only cause us to drink more water.
  2. Adding too much water to cook rice: It will lead to sogginess.
  3. You don’t sift the flour: This will only lead to clumps in your food.
  4. You don’t stir while cooking: You need to keep stirring or else food will get stuck to the bottom of the pan. It can also cause the food to burn.
  5. Overcooking your pasta: No one likes to eat mushy pasta
  6. Not greasing the cake pan: You won’t be able to take out the cake out of the pan without any breakage.

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