Charcoal Drinks: How effective are they?

I feel like charcoal is entering every field at the same rate as technology. At first, it boomed in the beauty industry. The industries claimed that charcoals absorbent powers can remove pollution, tan and acne.

After this, now its making way to the food world, saying they are healthy drinks. By healthy, they detoxify your body and help reduce gas and bloating. Numerous tries and experiments by a lot of people later proved that it was not at all true.


Many found out the charcoal pills and bitter drinks that they forced down their throat are a waste of time and money. In the end, let us keep the charcoal in our tummies only for times we need to get some kind of poison out.

Other than that, stay away from those products. Just as Daniel O’Shaughnessy said about this issue.

“Just eat more broccoli.”

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