Fine Dining: Checkout how these restaurants are serving food on iPads

Fine dining at high-end restaurants is a mix of glamour and money. The expensive utensils, expensive food, and lovely ambience are the core factors of eating out in a five-star hotel.

Just imagine going to a restaurant and being served food on glowing iPads. Yes, you heard that right! It is actually a thing and I can give you evidence by listing out a few restaurants who serve food this way.


  1. Arzak is an award-winning restaurant in San Sebastián located in Spain. It has been branded with three Michelin stars. It’s owned by a Spanish chef Elena Arzak and they have been trying to make digital plates work since the year  2013.
  2. Quince is an Italian eatery in San Francisco, also has three Michelin stars. They began making use of iPad’s with “A Dog in Search of Gold” truffle dish from the year 2016.

Will you ever eat from an iPad? I freak out whenever I see a small scratch on my iPad. Imagine scraping your knife and fork over it!

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