Gluten-free reality check: Is it just a fad?

Many people are now joining the fad to become gluten-free. What is gluten? Some of you may wonder. It is actually a mixture of two proteins that are found in cereal grains. Gluten is responsible for the elastic nature of dough.

So why are people going gluten-free? Some think they are having digestive problems due to gluten, otherwise known as coeliac disease. Here is a fact that should be known. Only one per cent of people in the UK has this disease. Which is really small.


Another fact is why are grains that have been eaten by us human for over 14,000 years suddenly disrupt our digestive process? Here we need to focus that maybe the grains are not the issue. Maybe the way we cultivate or manufacture food has changed.

Our ancestors did not use pesticides while farming. Neither did they have quick manufacturing processes in which bread is created in two hours. A good bread takes a good 16 hours to bake. Not to mention the extra gluten the producers add to eatable good in the form of wheat protein.

This generation is having discomforts for gluten and it might be our ways that paved the road to this disaster. So you can’t really blame celebrity fad and moms to opt for safer options.

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