Yummy Soul Food: Would you try Fried chicken in a waffle cone?

We have heard of a plate of waffles with chicken. It is the ultimate soul food. So what if a creative thinker has decided to combine fried chicken and serve it in waffle cones.

That is what led to the creation of Chick’nCone. It’s easy to serve, portable and easily grabbable. They have now opened up to 20 franchises. The co-owner of Chick’nCone has stated that they sell about 75 cones in an eight-hour day or four cones per minute.

Well, another secret is that they have an off-menu dish. It’s called the Sriracha mac and cheese fried chicken waffle cone.  Wow, that’s a long name and it looks delicious too.


It has fried chicken on top of some mac and cheese. With a nice serving of spicy Sriracha sauce on top. All of this is, of course, served in a vanilla waffle cone.

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