Food Fame: Did you know about these Pasta Grannies?

Fame on the internet is not just for the young but also for the age-old wisdom. It came to no exception when the Youtube Channel Pasta Grannies made a huge hit. It’s going viral!

This show was created by Vicky Bennison who is now 59. She is a  food writer and former international development worker from London. This show has been around for four years but it has only caught the attention of media recently.

pasta grannies- food-show

The show features Benninson going around various home kitchens in Italy. It showcases how grandmas create pasta and show a huge chunk of wisdom and culture. Nowadays people prefer readymade pasta or pasta dough to making pasta. Thus this show makes it even more intriguing to watch.

After being shared on various social platforms the shows followed boosted from 45,000 to 178,000 in just a matter of few days. This show has love, food, and history. What more could you ask for?

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