The Future: Pizza Hut has launched Smart Sneakers

No, Pizza Hut hasn’t abandoned pizzas to make shoes. Well, technically smart shoes. It has made a smart shoe for pizza. Now you may be thinking what is the relation between shoes and pizza. Here is your answer.

These smart shoes can order a pizza with just a click of a button. This button on your shoe will be connected to your smartphone an app called Pie Tops. This app will then let you confirm your order and address.

Pizza Hut-order-shoe

so what are the shoes called? They are called Pie Tops. What’s more? There is a button on the left side of this shoe that lets you pause live TV. So no more missing out on the action when the pizza shows up!

A limited number of shoes are available for sale in the week of March 19. You can buy them at online retail site HBX. What do you think? Are you the enthusiast who just can’t wait to get your hands on a par of Pie Tops? Or not?

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