Rolled ice creams: Here is how they are made

If you haven’t heard of rolled ice creams, you probably live under a rock because it is all over the internet! From youtube to Instagram, these videos are capturing eyes and keeping it glued to the screen.

It’s beautiful and mesmerizing to watch how these ice-creams are made. I think the favorite part of going to eat some, is the process of making it. It all starts with an oval cold metal surface. On top, we add solid food. It can be Oreos, cake, graham crackers or whatever that you like.


Next, they pour a liquid ice cream base over it. The solid food is chopped into the base until it freezes. Then the mix is spread into a thin layer, sliced into strips, and rolled up into perfect little bundles. Finally, a choice of your favorite toppings completes a mouth-watering vision.

From Burger King Whoppers to Ferrero Rochers we can watch videos of them turned in to ice creams. What are you waiting for? Go watch a video!

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