Is the low-fat labels just a really marketing scheme? Here’s the truth

We see low-fat food labels while shopping for groceries at the supermarket. These labels catch our eyes and usually, we end up buying them. Yes, if we had a healthier option for just about everything from donuts to pizza then we would opt for them.

But is this low-fat label just a really marketing scheme? During the 1950’s heart, coronary diseases were on the rise. The main reason was found due to cholesterol and saturated fats. Hence the word low-fat came into the markets.

low-fat food-label-diet

Of course, low-fat food had an extra helping of sugar to compensate for its taste. From the year 1950 to 1998 we saw a decrease in heart diseases. But that is not due too low-fat products. It was due to the advancement of technology and medical equipment.

When the 2000’s rolled by, studies started to shut down low-fat ideologies. In the end, we can conclude that fresh produce and preventing overeating is better than going crazy over low-fat products.