Is too much healthy food unhealthy?

We have seen how some people are all about the healthy food. They simply can’t stand junk food. Well, to be fair, too much of anything is unhealthy. Hence eating too much healthy food can also be unhealthy.

Beta-carotene is an orange pigment food present in carrots and sweet potatoes. It is filled with vitamin A and helps fight cell damage. But too much of it can turn your skin orange! Fibre. In all diets, we hear we should eat fibre filled food like whole grains. But too much of it will cause gas and bloat.

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“It’s always best to get your fibre from foods that contain it naturally. Foods that are fortified with fibre may be more likely to cause stomach upset.” -Consumer Reports Health Editor Jesse Hirsch.

Keto diets are filled with protein. They promote us to avoid whole grains, dairy, and other stuff and replace it with most meats and vegetables.  Eating too much eat can give stress to many intestines such as the liver and kidney. In the end, always have a balanced diet. A little of everything is the best way to go.