Organic Restaurants: Are their claims true?

Everyone is going to organic restaurants these days. No more factories and chemical filled foods. Just another fresh produce from the farm. It’s health-conscious in every sense. Supermarkets have certified organic seals on top of them. But are the restaurants certified?

This became an issue when a Bareburger customer found that the food was not a hundred percent organic. The owner admitted that it was only 75 to 80 percent organic. But he said he won’t shy away from the word organic because of the hard work they are putting in to make it completely organic and that too for a regular price.

organic restaurants-food-claim

Of course, being certified as an organic restaurant is not that easy. Its expensive and requirements are high. Therefore restaurants don’t need a legal certificate to call themselves organic. Hence many restaurants shy away from the burdens.

So not all organic claims are true. Some restaurants though do go through it and are certified. So make sure to do your research on the restaurants you choose to go to.