Why are young adults wasting so much food? Here’s the reason

Why are young adults wasting so much food? It is a relevant question that needs to be answered.

And thanks to a new study which was published in the journal Appetite, we now have an answer. According to the study, young adults are unaware of most of the food management behaviours that prevent food wastage.


For instance, if a college student is used to eating in all-you-can-eat dining halls in college, he will not be aware of managing groceries and food. Also, the study found that there are chance of deflecting.

“We picked up on this desire to deflect. ‘It’s not me, it’s them’. Even with those living off campus, thinking about the grocers or restaurateurs and the portion sizes they are given, and even though we focused on individual behaviour, retail-level waste came up several times,” the lead author noted.

This is something that parents should keep in mind as well.