Are you eating radioactive food? Find out

Many of you may not believe this. But it is said that everyone has already eaten radioactive food. 

Now how is that? Even though you may not live in a place where a nuclear disaster has taken place, this theory is still possible.

The soil might contain extracts of radiation filled substances and hence the crops we grow on them will be contaminated. Not to mention the ocean where the fish and clams drink and breathe in the contaminated water. Nuclear tests may be another reason for food containing radiation substances.

Some common food items that we buy such as the banana contains a radioactive isotope potassium 40.

The Brazilian nuts contain thousand more times the radiation levels found in other food. But not to worry, the amount of radiation is nothing compared to an atomic bomb.

So you need not stop eating these food items. It’s not like you chugging down a bottle or radioactive waste. But if you are curious to know what happens if you accidentally eat highly contaminated food then here’s the answer.

It decreases your mortality rate. It can also cause a range of diseases from cataract to cancer.