Here’s the type of diet that will help you lose weight

Everyone eats differently- it might be consistent or diverse.

Some may have only a sandwich for lunch. While others prefer an array of items like chicken, Cobb salad, and carrots.  If you are the person who follows the latter Thanksgiving dinner style, then you may have to be warned.

To have a balanced diet, people prefer a variety of sides with food. From veggies to proteins, there’s a little of everything on the plate. But studies are now proving that such a diet will not promote weight loss.

While these style of meals may be balanced, they include junk food like pizza, burger or donuts. Which even in moderate quantities are unhealthy.

Hence sticking to a healthy consistent diet is the way to go. Just be sure to avoid carbs.

Unlike the food pyramids that we have been seeing since the 1970’s, it is really outdated based on our present living style. Now an improved new food pyramid should be created. With the base containing proteins and veggies.