Get your Refrigerator in Order: The Ultimate Stacking Guide

Have you ever gone into a kitchen and found out that the counters are messy. Sigh. You open the refrigerator and out comes tumbling some apples. How did your life get so messy? If you have been there, then this is the perfect guide for you.

You are the only one who can fix this messy life. Of course, these tips on how to stack your fridge will be a major help.

Tip 1: Cleaning everything out. Sometimes we get to the point where the refrigerator is so full, you can’t add many more. Throw out expired food. 

Tip 2: Eliminate all junk food. If you are trying to eat healthily then make way for no temptations.

Tip 3: Place your food in sections. Bottom shelf should contain raw meats that are sealed shut. Top shelf should contain deli meats, cut up fruits and vegetables. Finally, the fridge door should contain well-preserved food items like pickles, jam, and mustard.

Tip 4: Keep fruits and vegetables fresh. Leafy veggies should have minimal air contact, it’s better to keep them sealed. But certain fruits like pears need some air. 

Tip 5: Always have the ready to eat food and perishables on the top. It will save you from forgetting them and end up being thrown out.

Tip 6: It’s advisable to keep eggs in their cartons. This is because the eggshells tend to be porous and can grab other foods scent.