Can Keto diets mess with you periods? Find out

Not to be biased or anything. But a woman needs to be more careful than men when on diets.

Of course, our reproductive systems are different than theirs. Today, the Keto diet is becoming more popular than ever. This diet is a good way to lose some weight fast. But it may not be as good for our menstrual cycles.

As if having cramps on our periods weren’t bad enough, problems such as irregular periods may arise.

In extreme cases, it may stop altogether. Extreme exercises and low-kilojoule meals are the villains. It seems that you may, after all, need a few carbs to have a proper functioning of menstrual cycles.

Not to worry, it’s not all bad news! Women suffering from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is recommended to have keto diets. In simple words, it is a disorder that prevents the ovaries from developing or releasing eggs. 

“Weight loss is recommended for all women with PCOS and the ketogenic diet can be one method to help achieve weight-loss goals. By having a healthier BMI, women are more likely to ovulate regularly leading to more regular periods.” – Dr. Chaudhari, a gynecologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.