Do you have kids with fussy eating habits? Get them to eat right

As parents, it’s our duty to make sure our kids eat right and healthy. Of course, kids never make it easy for us. And the concern for our kids’ fussy eating habits keeps on increasing. Is there a solution for this?

A recent study shows that the way you arrange food might help kids eat better. The study appeared in the Journal of Sensory Studies. Also, kids at different stages of age and gender show different preferment. Let’s take a look at them individually.

Age 7-8:  Girls prefer the separate serving style, while boys do not have a preference for how the food is arranged. 

Age 12-14: Both boys and girls preferred food that is mixed together with all its ingredients.

“The child can mix the food when the various elements of the food are separated on the plate, while the reverse is not possible” – Annemarie Olsen, Study author.

Also, serve fruits and veggies in small portions that are accessible to them at all times. Don’t force them. Though debatable, this trick is definitely worth trying.