Pizza Toppings: This new craze has the internet breaking

I have a pizza craze that has no bounds. I would worship the guy who invented it. According to Google, Raffaele Esposito from Italy was the creator of pizza. This original pizza was first made to honour the queen consort in 1889.

The first Margherita pizza as it was known, had the toppings which consisted of tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil. The toppings have come a long way from then. From pepperoni to pineapple, we are adding everything we can on to a pizza.


Now the beautiful tomato sauce is being replaced by mustard in a pizza.

Yes, you have a strong feeling about this shocking news but your not the only one. Here are what some Twitter users had to say.

“To all y’all that complain about pineapples on pizza, THIS pizza with mustard on it is what Y’all should be disgusted with instead”

“I’d love to try it. I get barbecue instead of tomato on the base and dip the crust into honey mustard anyway so I’d give it a go.”