Clock your meals: Tip to enhance metabolic health

Round the clock we eat, three meals a day.

We might begin with a cup of coffee in the morning, a lunch in the afternoon, an evening snack and then end it with dinner. Of course, it won’t end if you are a midnight snack person sneaking to the refrigerator every night just to end up scaring the living lights of your family.

So most peoples calorie consumption is between 14 to 15 hours. For those who are trying to avert metabolic diseases, then this may be bad for you.

A recent study in the journal Cell Metabolism has an interesting fact to tell us. Eating all the calories within ten hours can help can not only lead but restore our health.

This technique can also give you hope if you are fighting a hereditary disease. Here’s what Satchidananda Panda, Professor at the Salk Institute had to say about it. 

“Many of us may have one or more disease-causing defective genes that make us feel helpless and destined to be sick. The finding that a good lifestyle can beat the bad effects of defective genes opens new hope to stay healthy”