Oprah Winfrey’s Frozen Pizza: Here’s what you need to know

Who doesn’t know Oprah? She is a leading lifestyle icon and everyone knows her as the TV show host of the Oprah Winfrey Show. Her lifestyle tips have inspired people all over the world. It has resulted in a trust where anything that Oprah says is good always.

Hence when Oprah started a new line of healthy frozen pizza through Kraft Heinz, everyone wanted to give it a try. The line was called, “O, That’s Good!”. The latest brand released was the healthy frozen pizza with a cauliflower crust.

Now let us review the latest release. The time needed to prep and cook this pizza is the same as the other brands out there. It is claimed that this pizza has the following. “NO artificial flavors, dyes, or preservatives.” It must be true because it does not taste good at all.

“Real, nutritious deliciousness. So delicious you won’t taste the difference.” Contrary to their taglines, the crust was grainy and it tasted dry and unappetizing.

Healthwise, it has only 40 to 50 calories than a normal pizza. In my opinion, Just go down to dominoes and eat a fresh medium pizza for 350 calories.