A Cookbook with Natural and healthy recipes? Check it out

Each and every day a new cookbook comes out. But only a few stand out. Same goes for the book “Unicorn Food” By Kat Odell who is a food writer and Vogue contributor. They have mouth-watering and breathtakingly beautiful food recipes like the ones those usually go viral on Instagram.

But that’s not all. Unlike the sugar and carb filled snacks that are famous on social media platforms, the unicorn food recipes are different. They are natural, healthy and plant-based. 

Beautiful, delicious, nutritious and fun foods (and drinks) for the average human looking to slant his/her diet a bit more toward wellness. [My cooking is] not about adding color just to add color. I add color to add function and flavor.” – Odell

All her recipes are fun and innovative. To name a few, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Wasabi Fudge Pops, Drunken Chickpea Spaghetti, Matcha Cookies and Natural Rainbow Sprinkles will definitely win your heart.