Food will become the new secret for calmness and peace: Here’s how

Are you one of those people who would like more calmness and peace in your life? A lot of people nowadays suffer from depression and anxiety. Many people opt for exercises like jogs, runs, sports, cardio, and yoga to attain mindfulness.

But meditation might not be the only way to attain a calm and peaceful life. Food, in fact, might be the missing piece to lead a mindful life. Here are few things you might want to add on to your journey to attain peace.

  1. Eat more fibrous food.
  2. Add healthy fats to your diet.
  3. Get in on some polyphenols (berries, green tea, dark chocolate, red wine, soy)
  4. Limit alcohol or caffeine intake
  5. Don’t overthink. Go with the flow.