Do you suffer from peanut allergies? Here is a technological solution

0.6 per cent of the people have peanut allergies. When I was in elementary school, we had a separate peanut table for lunch. If you brought a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, you would have to sit at that table.

Also during valentine’s day, teachers would make sure that we did not bring chocolates that had peanuts or any other nut for that matter. Even if we do take all these measures, sometimes it goes away unnoticed. And we end up rushing someone to the emergency room.

peanut allergies-food-sensor

So here is a new invention to help people. It is a food sensor to detect if a certain food has peanuts or extracts of peanuts in it. We all owe this to Nima for launching an allergy sensor. It only includes peanuts now but they are trying to broaden its range to other nuts as well.

All you do is take a bit of food and feed it to a disposable capsule. Insert it into the sensor and wait for five minutes. Then the result will come out. The sensor along with 12 capsules are available for 289 dollars. Nima has also launched its product to detect gluten sensitivity.