Diet programs: Here is a fact you need to know about them.

Nowadays, anyone you ask is on a diet. As a host of the party, you might press your friends to eat some more food.

But you will be left with the answer, “No thanks. I’m on a diet.” However, taking a bite of those carb filled potatoes or rice might not be a bad idea. It actually might even help you lose weight. Confused?


When your dieting there are two main components to it. The first part is eating fewer portions. And the second part is to restrict certain categories of food. Both these components combined will make you miss out on a lot of nutrients or nutritious food.

Here is what Dr. Nick Fuller, an obesity expert from The University of Sydney has to say about diets.

“We need to change our focus from eating less to thinking about eating more but filling up on wholesome nutritious foods as part of long-term successful weight loss plan.”