This Wendy’s story about a blind couple will leave you in awe

Food and love go hand in hand. And Wendy’s has proven just that. The secret ingredient to good food is love. People who work in the industry should always have their heart woven into the food served and eaten.

There was a social media post some time back of a food delivery person on his way to deliver food. A 70-year-old woman stopped him and tried to directly order food from him. But instead of being impatient the guy simply helped her out order food in the app. 


Another story that poked up recently was of a blind couple. The couple ordered food from a well known fast food restaurant Wendy’s. They ordered just like any ordinary customer would and did not ask for any special treatment. But an employee named  Richard Wise-Attwood took to compassion.

He personally served them. Carefully putting their respective food in front of each other so that it would cause no confusion. He kept revisiting their table to make sure everything went smoothly including placing ketchup and napkins for them. It’s when I read things like this that the world indeed is a better place.