Facts: Why is there empty space in Cup Noodles?

We are always judging the food industry and even the empty space in cup noodles. The fault may be in the fact that the industry has in its course, deceived us in many ways. Hence sometimes we fall into conclusions that are not true.

The empty space can be seen at the bottom of many noodle cup products including the Ramen Cup Noodles. This though perceived by us to be deceptive, it’s not the case. It is a technique used to protect the noodles during transportation.

Cup noodles-museum-japan

What more, it helps to add softness to our noodles. If you don’t believe me here are some scientific facts from the Cup Noodles Museum in Japan.

“A method by which the noodles are tightly packed so as to remain suspended in the middle of the container was invented and called ‘Middle Suspension.’ By using this method, the noodles are less likely to break, and since there is a space at the bottom of the cup, hot water can circulate thoroughly from below, ensuring that the noodles soften evenly.”