Here’s the story behind Food Trucks

I love food trucks. Each food truck is unique with their special foods. I watch a food show called “Eat Street”. Its a show about food trucks all over the world. I would look at the mouthwatering dishes they serve here and sigh while putting a forkful of salad into my mouth.

Food trucks have many stories behind them. And most of them are about their ancestors. A long time ago in the 1890’s, nightlife in Boston was jostling. From hungry and hard-working journalists to workers and idlers, the streets at night bustled with life.


Of course, where there is a crowd, there is a need for food. Walter Scott was a street vendor who sold sandwiches and coffee in a basket. As business flourished, the basket became a pushcart followed by a food wagon. This was the beginning of a new era of food.

The word spread and more food wagons starting popping up everywhere. The menu in those days was simple. It consisted of sandwiches, coffee, and pies. The pies were usually apple pies or mince pies. Restaurants were against these food wagons. And soon, many cities started to ban them.

But I’m glad this tradition stuck around. And if you look close, some food trucks roaming around today can be traced back to their ancestors. Some of the food wagon owners were so successful that they even started a new diner.