Are apples with wax coating safe to eat?

There are many food myths going around and one of them is about the wax coating on apples. Yes, it is true that commercially sold apples have a coating of wax on them. But is it harmful?

This wax coating is made with chemicals that are safe and edible. They are in no way harmful to you. This method of waxing apples has a purpose. It helps preserve the apples from going bad and enhances the appearance of the apple. 

wax coating-apple-eat

The history of the practice published in ‘The Atlantic’ can be used as a reference. It reads as follows:

Once the fruit is picked and washed, though, its natural wax comes off, along with any dirt or chemical residue from the orchard. The fruit then needs a new coating for protection.

Artificial fruit wax merges food preservation and food presentation. It contains fungicides to inhibit mold growth, controls fruit respiration to delay ripening, protects from bruising while the fruit travels, and includes tints and glossy shellac to enhance a fruit’s appearance.