UFC star Conor McGregor’s whiskey breaks sales record, here’s what you should know

UFC Fighter Conor McGregor might not be having a good time when it comes to fighting but his whiskey is breaking all the sales records in Ireland. For the uninitiated, the Irishman had launched his own brand of whiskey a couple of weeks backed.

Proper Twelve is breaking all the sales record

Named Proper No.12, the whiskey received negative review from the food critics but that was not stopping people from buying it. The amount of sales is so high that Tesco is now employing a two-bottle limit for the customers.

Meanwhile, if you are wondering what the critics said, here’s one of the reviews.

“A small initial sip was deceptively okay, but subsequent snifters were like vanilla flavoring trying to cover up rubbing alcohol.”

Another review noted that the whiskey smelled like Ethanol and tasted only marginally better. As mentioned earlier, these lukewarm reviews are not stopping the whiskey from flying off the shelves.

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