Marie Osmond: Here is what you need to know about her diet

Marie Osmond is 58 years old. But age is just a number for the singer. She has set the benchmark for skincare so high that everyone is wondering how she looks so young even when nearing towards the sixties.


So what are her secrets? She revealed some details during a recent interview.

“The number one tip is to eat frequently. When you’re constantly fueling your body, it doesn’t drop in blood sugar, making you go, ‘I need a cookie!’ Honestly, I feel better now than I did in my 30s,” she notes.

She also went on to add that being happy is one of the major secrets behind her beauty.

“I have eight beautiful children, three beautiful grandchildren, and I have a husband. I don’t even mind ageing. We’re having a ball. Food is not my enemy anymore — food is my pleasure,” She added.

She also admitted that she has an Ice Cream addiction which she overcomes by freezing blueberries and eating them.

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