Celebrity Diets: How Margot Robbie got the super-fit figure

Margot Robbie is one of the biggest mainstream names in Hollywood at the moment. While her acting skills speak for themselves, a lot of people are wondering how she maintains a ripped body.


As you would’ve guessed from the title, her diet is one of the biggest factors for this. She has certain food items banned from her diet. For instance, she does not consume saturated fats, fast food and sugary drinks while she is eating clean.

At the same time, she is known for indulging in comfort foods when she feels like doing it. 

“I’m not good at doing moderation. I get miserable if I don’t eat. I can’t just have a salad every day and a half a glass of wine every second day. I can’t do it.” she notes.

When it comes to workout, she loves intense cardio workouts. Margot is also a lover of Ice Hockey which she incorporates into her workout at certain times.