Which one is Healthier: Hamburger vs. Donut

Which food is healthier? Hamburger or Donut?

It is never an easy task to compare two of your favourite foods. But when the comparison is based on how healthy each one is, the process gets much easier. Hamburger and Donut are arguably two of the most popular foods out there. But which one is good for your health when compared?

Donuts have more calories than Hamburger

We are bringing back the ‘Which one is Healthier’ series to figure out an answer for this. Here is a look at their comparison.


The calorie count is measured with respect to 100 grams of each food item. Hamburger holds 295 calories. Meanwhile, Donuts can hold up to 452 calories per 100 grams. Thus, Donut gives you more energy when consumed and it’s the clear winner in this category.

Winner: Donut

Total Fat

Excess fat is not something you would want in your food. Therefore, the food with the least amount of total fat will be the winner here. 100 grams of Hamburger has 14 grams of fat while Donut carries a fat of 25 grams per 100 gram. So hamburger will give you less fat making it the winner here.

Winner: Hamburger


Having Proteins in your body is always a great thing, especially when you are in the growing period. Hamburger has 17 grams of protein per 100 grams when Donuts only carry 4.9 grams per 100 grams.

Winner: Hamburger


Hamburger stuff in a total amount of 24 gram of Carbohydrate compared to the 51-gram carbohydrates in Donuts. As carbohydrates is essential for putting on muscle and weight, Donut wins here.

Winner: Donut


As you already know, Cholesterol is not good for health. 100 grams of Hamburger carries a whopping 47 mg of Cholesterol while donut carries on 19 mg. That is less than half the amount of Hamburger.

Winner: Donut

Final Winner: Thanks to the low amount of Cholesterol and high amount of carbohydrates and calories, Donut is the winner here.

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