Stan Lee: This was his favourite food

Comic book legend Stan Lee passed away on Monday. He was 95 years old and had a career that spanned more than five years. He was the brain behind most of the superheroes that we see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe today and he will certainly be missed both in the comic and movie universes.

Though he had his fair share of interests outside comic books, when it came to food, he knew what he wanted. During one of the Reddit AMAs Stan Lee had revealed what he loved to eat. You can read his statement below.

“I’m not really good t picking favorites. I like Italian, if it has a good thick sauce… and Chinese. I like whatever my wife makes for me, she knows more about what I like than I do. I enjoy anything that isn’t poisonous,”

The news of his death is still sinking in slowly. Although he is gone, he has indeed left behind a legacy that would live on forever.

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