3 Myths about dieting you probably believe

Dieting is complex. If it has to be effective, we will have to find out the perfect permutation and combination that works for our body. And this complexity is perhaps the reason why there are many myths about the whole process.

We are going to list down three of the most popular myths about diets so that you can watch out for them.

  1. Crash Diets can aid weight loss: While crash diets might give you temporary relief, in the long run, it can actually make you gain weight.
  2. Gluten Free food is for weight loss: Gluten Free food items are usually recommended for people with celiac diseases. This does not always equate with weight loss as popularly believed.
  3. Skipping Carbs is good: Skipping all the Carbs is not good. You need to have carbohydrates in your diet in some capacity as it is a good source of energy. In fact, when it comes to calorie count carbs have less than half the calories of fat.

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