3 Interesting food Facts that you probably did not know

We have already seen a long list of food facts. But the funny part is; there are many more interesting ones out there. From teachers being gifted apples to the invention of popsicles, here are some interesting facts about food that you probably did not know.

Popsicles were invented by an 11 year-old: What were you doing while you were 11? While most of us would be simply playing around at that age, Frank Epperson was busy inventing the popsicles. He kept a mixture of powdered soda, water and mixing stick out overnight and got popsicles in the morning.

Why students gift apples to teachers: The answer for this question dates back to the 16th century. During this time period, the salaries of teachers were low. And to compensate this, students used to gift apples to their teachers. Apple was a common crop back then which made it easier.

French Fries were not created in France: If you thought French Fries came from France, think again. They actually hail from Belgium and are called French Fries only because how they are prepared in short and thin strips.

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