Anxiety: 3 Food items that can worsen it

The fight against anxiety is not an easy one. We have already seen that certain food items can help us fight it, but at the same time, there are some food items that can make the situation worse.

And without further ado, we are going to list them down below.

  • White Bread: White bread can spike your blood sugar levels. This can not only cause problems to your stomach but can also impact your stress levels. You can overcome this issue by varying the carbs you consume and including food items like beans, brown rice, legumes and oats in your diet.
  • Excess Alcohol: Excess Alcohol will lead to increase in the insulin secretion in your body. Also, the nervous system response of our body to alcohol is similar to that of fright.
  • Popsicles: Certain colour dyes used in the food can lead to a negative impact on your nervous system. In particular, Red #40 and Yellow #5 are colour dyes that can wreak havoc. These are mostly found in popsicles which we crave for during the summer.

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