Food Wastage: Some shocking number you should know

Food wastage is a major problem that we are facing now. Although it might not be the mainstream discussions, it is indeed something that we need to address at the earliest since food is one of the basic needs for human survival.

Over the years, the wastage has been on the rise and there are some shocking numbers that you should know about it. We are going to list them down below.

  1. Over 1/3 of all food produced in the world are wasted.
  2. The annual value of food wasted globally is around $1 Trillion.
  3. Less than a quarter of the food wasted in US, UK and Europe is enough to feed nearly one billion hungry people.
  4. 25% of the world’s fresh water is used to grow food that is never eaten.
  5. In developed countries, half of all food waste takes place at home.

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