2019 Food Trends: What you need to know

2018 is over and foodies are now worried about the 2019 food trends. According to various studies, four food trends could poke up in 2019.

Non-Dairy Milk: Most of the non-dairy milk are considered to be superfoods these days and this trend is apparently going to be bigger in 2019.

Plant-based everything: Plant-based ingredients could sneak into snacks and treats in 2019. As they are considered healthy, it would probably be welcomed with both hands by the foodies.

Omega-3 overloaded: Over the years, several studies have proven the health benefits of Omega-3. And in 2019, foods containing Omega-3 are going to burst heavily into the scene.

CBD infused foods: CBD infused food items are picking up the steam and you could see a lot of CBD infused gummies, chocolates and sodas in 2019.

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