3 Hangover foods that can help you in 2019

It’s the New Year and just like 2018, 2019 is bound to be filled with some amazing parties. And though we know that alcohol is bad for our health, we might end up getting drunk at one or the other point of the year.

And with this comes the struggle of the hangover. There are some food items that can help you and we are going to list them down below.

Honey: Honey can neutralize the harmful effects of alcohol due to the presence of fructose. Fructose speeds up the metabolism of alcohol and brings your body back to the normal stage.

Ginger: Ginger can help your stomach to get through the hangover state. Since eating ginger in its raw state is pretty hard, you can grate into some vegetable juice and consume.

Coconut Water: Rich in electrolytes, coconut water will help hydrate your body and flush out unwanted alcoholic content.

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