Fried food cravings: Here’s a trick to fight it

If you are fighting with fried food cravings, it’s about time you battled them. The bad impact that fried food can have on your body is no secret. And avoiding them at all cost should be your priority if you want to maintain a healthy life.

Fried Food Cravings can be avoided by exposing yourself to the smell of fried food

A new study has shown that surrounding yourself with the smell of fried food can take away your craving. The idea, however, is to smell it for more than a minute.

“Ambient scent can be a powerful tool to resist cravings for indulgent foods. In fact, subtle sensory stimuli like scents can be more effective in influencing children’s and adults’ food choices than restrictive policies,” noted the lead author of the study.

This means that there is a direct connection between your urge to eat a food and the time you are exposed to the smell of it.

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