3 Facts about KFC that you probably did not know

KFC has become a part of our daily life. The social impact that the restaurant chain has these days is huge and cannot be overlooked.

Even though it’s popular, there are certain facts about the chain that are lesser known among the foodies. We will be trying to list down three such facts below.

The secret recipe: Just like almost all the other successful chains out there, KFC also has a secret recipe. It is seasoned from Colonel Sanders’ 11 Spices and herbs. The recipe, however, is apparently not patented.

The huge numbers: In USA alone, more than 8 million people visit the restaurants. This number is bigger in China. The chain started in China back in 1987 and turned out to be a huge hit in the country.

The invention of the bucket: The chicken bucket is one of the biggest selling points of the chain now. The first bucket, however, wasn’t sold until 1952- which is 12 years after the recipe was invented by the Colonel.

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