3 Reasons to stop drinking coffee

Coffee is a polarizing drink. On one side, it does some good for your body while on the other; it can be a real problem. Despite this lack of clarity, it is one of the most popular drinks out there.

There are even people who drink more than five cups a day. But this is an unhealthy practice. Moderation is the key to any food item and coffee is no different. There are some problems associated with the drink if consumed beyond a limit and we will be listing them below.

It can lead to tooth decay and staining: The drink has the ability to stain your teeth. This mostly depends on the amount of sugar that you use but if you are getting flavoured drinks from popular cafes, the chances of your tooth staining are pretty high.

Caffeine can disturb sleep and impact moods: The most important component in the drink is caffeine. Caffeine has the ability to impact your mood and at the same time, it can disturb your sleeping patterns. This is because of the natural stimulation that caffeine does to your brain.

Loss of vitamins and minerals: People who consume the drink have high levels of urination. This scenario can lead to flushing out of necessary minerals and vitamins.

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