3 Diet Mistakes that you should avoid according to Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient Hindu discipline that helps to lead a healthy life. It is slowly gaining popularity all over the world due its effectiveness and there are many practices that you can implement in your life as well.

Depressed and sad woman in kitchen

For instance, there are some diet mistakes that you should avoid according to Ayurveda. We are going to list three of them below.

Drinking Chilled water during or after food: Chilled water can hamper the digestion process and it can impact the normal functioning of your gastric juices. It also upsets your internal temperature which in turn forces your body to focus on maintaining the temperature rather than digesting the food.

Standing and eating: Sitting and eating plays a huge role in the digestion process. If you are standing, your body has a lot more things to be worried about apart from the eating process.

Eating too fast: Chewing your food and eating slowly can help you avoid overeating and obesity in the long run. The chewing process breaks down the enzymes which boosts smooth digestion. Also, while eating, it is recommended not to watch television or listen to music.

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