How to Quit Smoking: Food items that can help you

‘How to quit smoking’ is one of the most asked questions these days. The impact that smoking has on our health is the prime reason for this. However, unlike the old times, we now have a lot of techniques which can help us in keeping the cigarettes away.

While trying all these, you can also make use of certain food items to boost your attempt. We are going to list down some food items which can help you Quit smoking.

Ginseng Tea: Several researchers have found that ginseng could help you fight nicotine addiction. This is because it weakens the effect of dopamine which is associated with pleasure. So drinking ginseng teat could reduce the appeal of smoking and make it less enjoyable.

Milk and Dairy: Drinking milk or dairy products when having the urge to smoke can help you. This is because cigarettes taste bad when consumed after milk and this, in the long run, can urge you to quit.

Sugar-free gums and mints: The trick here is to keep your mouth busy. The gums will engage your mouth for a longer period when compared to cigarettes.

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