Diabetes: 3 Diet Mistakes you should avoid

People with diabetes should take good care when it comes to diet. Eating the right food is necessary and at the same time, keeping away the wrong food is essential.

There are some common diet mistakes that people with diabetes often make. We are going to list them down below and if you have the condition, it is better to avoid these.

Not eating Whole fruits: Adding whole lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet is recommended. They are rich in fiber and at the same time, they help to keep the blood sugar level in check.

Not Eating Fibre Rich food: Eating fibre rich food is something that you should not skip. It is what drives your digestion process and it also facilitates the gradual release of sugar in the blood stream.

Eating refined carbohydrates: Refined grains and products should be eliminated from your diet at all cost. They are stripped of all their fibres and nutrients during the process of refining and this is not good for your body.

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