What are the top food franchises of 2019? Find out

Food franchises are something that never goes out of fashion. No matter what happens, people always love to eat food and this is a huge benefit for anyone who wants to get into the food business.

But do you know which food franchises are worth investing in?

The answer depends on the specific category of food you want to serve. If is it Asian, L&L Hawaiian Barbeque  is currently the top franchise followed by Pho Hoa and Teriyaki Madness.

Cinnabon and Auntie Anne’s Hand Rolled Soft Pretzels are on top when it comes to Baked foods. Without much surprise, KFC is the top franchise when it comes to Chicken and is followed by Bojangles’ Famous Chicken N biscuits.

For coffee, Dunkin’ and Human Bean Drive thru are recommended by experts.

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